New Construction and Remodels


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Qualified Crews

Our installation crew performs the work and system installation for commercial spaces, new homes, additions and remodels. They also change out existing systems if the units show signs of faltering, and/or perform upgrades to higher efficiency units. At Riffle’s, our crews are qualified to do all types of construction projects. We employ the highest quality personnel who are all experts at their respective trades. We are licensed and insured contractors, giving us the advantage when it comes to quality control as well as pricing. We will listen to your needs and then work hard to surpass your expectations.

Riffle’s prepares the energy calculations needed for permitting, whether you are building a new home, adding to your existing home, or building out a commercial space.



Leaky Ducts 

Leaks in the duct work are amongst the largest energy wasters in most homes,
both site built and mobile homes. Leaks are more prevalent in most homes over 10 years old. Leaks in the return duct work pressurize the home and raises the supply temperature. It also introduces higher humidity into the system cutting energy efficiency ratings (EER) by as much as 50 percent.

Supply system leaks will send conditioned air outside through the infiltration routes and depressurize the home. These pressure differences extend the HVAC unit’s running time causing an average 22 percent increase in energy usage. New methods of sealing the duct connections with masking material are not expensive and will greatly reduce leakage and higher energy use.



New Construction

Energy Calculations
Duct Work
System Installation (Heat Pump, Gas, Straight Cool)
Dryer Venting
Exhaust Venting
High Efficiency Systems
Zone Systems
Blower Door Testing

Existing Homes or Remodels

  • Energy Calculations
    System Change-Outs
    New/Replacement Duct Work
    Add Drops
    Mobile Home Package Units
    Duct Cleaning
    Zone Systems


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