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For your convenience, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. Just click on any question to see the associated answer.

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Each month you should be treating your drain line with a quarter cup of bleach followed with a half gallon of water. This will help treat any algae build up in the line. You should also be checking your filter(s) once a month and changing when dirty. We recommend using pleated filters. A clogged filter will restrict air flow causing your system to work harder to maintain temperature. In addition to those things we recommend calling to schedule a routine maintenance with us once a year.

Set your thermostat lower in the winter and higher in the summer. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, for each degree below 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and above 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, the energy usage in the home is increased by 10 to 12 percent. Find a comfortable automatic setting for your home thermostat and try to leave it there. Turning your thermostat off when you leave for work can be counter productive because it will require more energy trying to re-cool your house. Therefore we highly recommend an automatic setting.

Air conditioners, like other machines, wear out over time and become inefficient. This results in higher electrical costs. If your system is more than 10 years old, contact us to find out how you can get a more energy efficient system.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The amount of cooling your unit, (air conditioner or heat pump), delivers per every electricity dollar spent. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system.

A Heat Pump, a reverse cycle air conditioner, cools and heats by moving heat in or out of your home while a Straight Cool is an air conditioner which uses different sources for heating. It can work with natural gas, oil, an LP gas furnace, or electric furnace.

Zoning is a method of dividing a home into different areas and each area's heating and air conditioning comfort is independently controlled. Therefore you can control the east side of your home along with the west side, and the third zone can take care of everything in the middle. If you have an upstairs then you can add a 4th zone.

Shrubs should not be closer than 18 inches to your outdoor unit. To operate efficiently the unit needs space to take in and blow out air. Also keep in mind that there is a service panel on your unit which must be accessible to the service technician if your unit needs to be worked on. There needs to be at least 2 feet clearance in front of this panel.

If the room has a large area of exposed glass, keep curtains or blinds closed during daylight hours, particularly at times when the sun would shine directly in. You might also ask your air conditioning contractor to check whether you are getting enough air in that room. There may be a problem with your duct system.

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Over the years we’ve been trusted by thousands of residential and commercial clients.

We recognize you demand an honest and trustworthy company with personnel to service and maintain or install your heating and cooling needs. Riffle's does not employ pushy sales tactics and shallow gimmicks to install residential and commercial equipment. Remember, you are our neighbors. We live where you live, play where you play, and dine where you dine. We offer FREE estimates and calculations on replacement systems and new installation projects.

Our installation crew performs the work for commercial spaces, new homes, additions and remodels. They also change out existing systems if the units show signs of faltering, and/or perform upgrades to higher efficiency units. At Riffle's, our crews are qualified to do all types of construction projects. We employ the highest quality personnel who are all experts at their respective trades. We are licensed and insured contractors, giving us the advantage when it comes to quality control as well as pricing. We will listen to your needs and then work hard to surpass your expectations


The installation of a digital programmable thermostat helps to regulate the temperature greatly and reduce the amount of energy used in the home. For the best energy efficiency, thermostat settings should be 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the A/C in summer and 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit for the heat in winter.

The best heating system for Florida is a high efficiency heat pump. The heat pump saves 65 to 70 percent for heating energy use versus electric strip heating systems. However, they do need to be serviced every year to maintain efficiency. Faulty relays in these systems can cause both the heat pump and the back-up strip heaters to come on repeatedly in winter and summer resulting in very high energy use. Replacement of older electric strip heat pumps can greatly reduce the winter energy usage.

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